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CCD Cafe Coffee disaster

My new share on CCD…

For most of us CCD means place to seep a coffee with frnds or place to have hot conversation….

But for me CCD is greatest learning experience….

Every talk begins over a cup of coffee but my use to end.

Ahhh poor me…but thanks to it now i have collection of stories..

Being ditched

How life ditches you every single moment is so amazing….Not a single good moment​.

Through all this years ,have gathered so many experiences but every time it’s a new story. It may be a new person, new place but the old me and same story.

The word friend is so terrifying that you never know who’s​ going to back stabb you. Result of all this is lonely me…..a fear which grips me when someone​ gives a hand of frndshp. 

All this weird questions comes to my  mind.Am I going to be used again??? Is someone plotting something against me??? What must have brought them here??? Any favour they want me???

May be this isn’t the case but the hell lot of questions surrounds me. All is the result of being ditched.

All I want to say is stop playing with people they aren’t toys to be used and thrown when the purpose is served. Value everyone you don’t need to be selfish everytime.Some are so sensitive that such repetative occurance can shatter their faith completely….

If you can’t give love then leave but don’t ditch…

Finding me

Always lived for others starting from education to profession.In all this what was missing was me.

Somewhere i found my life is juz revolving around home and office. My life goals moved from being successful to be stable. Comfort zone was something that was terrifying but i was used to it.Moving out from the nutshell was something difficult.

Decided to head for a change but after few days back again to the zero. That old office, that desk and the same work, alone me. Thought of leaving everything aside and follow my dreams but then again the fear of failure stopped me.

Though being good at academics, all I want to do was go on the stage and talk. Talk my heart out.Be it on anything my recent experience from my work or my love for food.All I want was to talk…. Anything juz blah blahhh…

After having career as a techie for 5+yrs still unable to find me.May be it’s not i want to be.My goals and aims are far away from this cubicle and fixed working hours.

Hope I gather some courage to find me….

Food for a good thought..

Food for a thought…

Sunday goes waste without sumptuous meal.Being a foodie always love to try something new.

When it comes to Sea food or Non veg the only thing that comes in my mind is  Jai hind.

Everytime I visit this place, I make sure to try some new dish. Todays special menu was Chicken chilli mili kebab , Prawns tawa masla with garlic butter naan and Chicken Tikka Biryani.The place serves awesome 😘 Seafood.

Chicken chili mili kebab was perfect blend of tender chicken marinated with spices making it taste yum. It was as good as you put it in your mouth and it melts. Being lover of Prawns, Prawns Tawa masala is my favourite.What a mouth watering dish,muaahhh. It’s a simple dish with great taste.It tastes best with Neer dosa and butter garlic naan.

Jaihind is the place where I actually developed love for Seafood.Hope you guys too love it.

If you found it useful do share your feedback.

With loads of love,


Big fat girl

Being fat and single at 30 is the most fucking experience… Specially in India.People view as what a waste you can’t even find a guy to get married.Moreover you consider like some disable person in the family.

All the so called relatives start bothering about you.”Oh my girl i feel so bad,i wish you could have shed few pounds”.

While Guyzz are like what the fucking potato she is. I wonder from where she will grow next….lolzzz.

Every guy has an expectations irrespective of what he is may be handsome or ugly or fat or bald or short or tall or fair or dark.”I want a girl who should be beautiful,slim,smart,fair ahh and not to miss hott…just like sizzler….”

For them Fat girl is like ewww …. Who will ever like to marry a potato,I just love it in French fries or vada paav.

As every other girl even we fat souls have choices but need to keep it to ourselves coz what comes is just rejections.

Recently someone was trying to explain me hey sweetie look for a good heart not the face….I wish they could even explain this to the guyzzzz.

They showed me a picture of a bald guy and beautiful girl, who just got engaged and then asked me would you like such guy.

I was like the bald guy also felt for a beautiful girl what if I was instead of her would he said yes or even thought about me????

Itz the beautiful girl who gave importance to the person and not looks but the bald guy was driven only by her looks.

It’s very easy to give suggestions to experience it you have to step in the fat girlz shoes……They found my answer too rude. Neverthless I was happy to give them back on their face.

Why should only fat girl compromise with everything…. Why should we try and look for a good heart when are the fucking menzz going to do that…..

So to all the fat girls remember you are just a size more. Love yourself. Be happy livin in your size…..

Loads of love,


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